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Chess and Maths!

|Less dangerous than a def failure|Because it's not only Netflix that knows how to play it


date_range Date(s) : Qualifications the 21, 23, 28/04/21 from 6 pm to 7 pm

Final on 01/05/21

location_on Place : Les abysses de l'internet

info Tournament Format

Multimode chess tournament : Antichess, Crazyhouse et Chess960.



check Conditions of participation

Max number of Player of team : 1

Min number of Player of team : 1

Max number of Players in section: 10

Max number of Players by University: 6

credit_card Total to pay




warning Rule

Please read the rules before participating:  lien

contact_mail Contact

Respo sport: Bergamo Grégoire

Discord ID: gregbergamo#9963

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