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What is Overwatch ?

Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter. Each character (or has a different weapon and 2 or 3 specific abilities (the spells). Your goal is to use these abilities at the right time to inflict maximum damage, advance towards the objective or protect your teammates. The ultimate ability takes longer to load but can be a gamebreaker if used properly! The tournament format is 3v3 Elimination with Exclusion. This means that the teams are composed of 3 players (duh) and that to win a round you have to eliminate the whole opponent team. Finally, the heroes with whom you win a round cannot be played anymore. That's exclusion: you can't rest on your laurels!

In order to win, individual skill, game sense and pressure management will be essential, but above all your teamplay will be the key to victory!


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date_range Dates: Qualifications from 19/04/21 to 23/04/21

Finale on 24/04/21

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