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What is FIFA 21 ?

1 ball. 2 goals. 2 teams. 22 players. One goal: to put the ball in the net.

What do you get when you mix the "people's sport" with the world of video games? A game of international renown, both among the young and old. A simulation that allows you to embody the unparalleled talent of Messi, Zidane, Ronaldo or even Niklas Bendtner. The field on which any dispute can be settled after 90 minutes (virtual of course).

FIFA 21, the game that unites your group of friends, is coming in force at Pol'E-Sports to thrill you behind your screens and remind you of the atmosphere of the stadiums. Whether you're at the head of a 3rd league club, the national team of your homeland, or a Champions League winner, get ready to face the cream of the academic world and relive the beauty of virtual soccer. 

The best current stars, 2/3 sets of games, dream prizes, everything is there to make you live a tournament of the future. So we ask you:

Can you obliterate your opponents like Mbappé? Are you a creative player like Ronaldinho or a more efficient one like Gerrard? At the end of the day, all you need to do to win the cup is to play at the back post like Benjamin.

See you on the virtual field, and don't forget your cleats!

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date_range Dates: Qualifications from 19/04/21 to 30/04/21

Final on 02/05/21 for the Advanced League

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